Roller turntable

Roller turntable

Roller turntables are designed for changing the direction of transported loads without changing the pallet orientation (relative position).Turning by 90 degrees is usually required in transfer lines; however, the machine is able to turn a full 360 degrees if required.

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Examples of implementations:

2020. Pallet transport system in the cosmetics industry

Implementation for a client involved in the production of cosmetics and medical products.

2020. Pallet transport system in the chemical industry

Pallet and pallet-container transport system implemented by PROMAG S.A. for a customer from the chemical industry, improved ergonomics and streamlined the process of filling units with chemicals.

2019. Transport system for cardboard boxes and EUR pallets for an automotive parts distributor

We are pleased to present you one of our implementations in the area of warehouse logistics for a distributor of automotive parts. The photos show the transport system for carton containers and EUR pallets, servicing sixteen loading / unloading levels located on four four-level storage platforms.

2019. Pallet transport system with flyover

Another pallet transport system with flyover, consisting of roller conveyors, chain conveyors, roller turners and vertical conveyors.

2017. Pallet transport system

This is PROMAG's another completed project involving a bridge. It employs advanced control of roller conveyors, turntable, and vertical conveyors to ensure safe handling of pallets up to 1500kg in a manner that does not interfere with the previously existing operations of the production and storage facilities. The applied integrated structure of the supporting frame involving dedicated transport devices enables effective use of space without the need for fundamental changes in the existing layout of machines, devices, and communication routes.

2017. Pallet transport system

For a leading Polish chemical manufacturer, we have prepared and implemented a project involving an autonomous Europallet transport and storage system based on roller conveyors, turntables, including full integration with a high-density storage system based on AutoMAG Shuttles.

2017. Pallet transport system

For one of our long-term suppliers- the manufacturer of drive systems - we have implemented a complex project of combined systems for transporting EUR and DHP pallets, as well as non-standard solutions. The assumptions included maximizing the use of Client's own components in the developed structure, involving the dispersion of inverter network situated directly in the assemblies adjacent to drive systems. It is the first such project on the Polish market completed on the basis of NORD's innovative solution.

2017. Container palletising system

For a global automotive corporation we provided an automatic container transport, palletising and packaging system. We worked with the Client's engineers to deliver a system which meets the requirements of internal procedures as well going beyond the applicable laws and safety standards.

2017. A transport system with a pallet turntable at the height of H=80mm in a rack structure.

A transport system with a pallet turntable at the height of H=80mm in a rack structure. A comprehensive project for a dairy cooperative comprises an automatic line for transporting pallets from production to the warehouse and row racking. Both systems were integrated into one functional unit saving space and allowing for the use of the area above the transport system.

2016. Pallet transport system with vertical conveyors

Another comprehensive project provided by PROMAG comprised a transport system for standard 800x1200mm euro pallets and 900x1200mm pallets of a standard euro pallet design. The line included roller and chain conveyors, chain transfers, two vertical conveyors and turntables. Additionally, we also supplied our AutoMAG dense storage system.

2015. Transport system for small pallets with relays

A system provided for a Client manufacturing medium and high voltage instrumentation. A manual system for picking goods transported on special small pallets. It comprises manual roller conveyors and hand trucks.

2015. Pallet transport system with a vertical conveyor

A system to transport 800x1200mm euro pallets and 1000x1200mm wooden industrial pallets for another client from the hygiene products industry.

2015. Pallet transport system with a stacker and trolleys

A pallet transport system comprised of roller and chain conveyors, turntables, pallet magazines, roller and chain transfers, installed for a manufacturer of hygiene products.

2015. Handling system for transferring, palletising, packaging and storing at a dairy plant

An automated system for transporting and palletising products using industrial robots, and a system for transporting full pallets, including a transfer through a cooling tunnel, final stretch wrapping and labelling on both sides of each pallet.

2014. Pallet transport system with a wrapper and an aligner

The system is to be used for transporting standard 800x1200mm euro pallets and 1000x1200mm industrial pallets. The system was installed in two halls. One is a loading area and the other one is for unloading. They are connected by a transport tunnel.

2014. Pallet transport system with a vertical conveyor, a roller gate and curtains

The project was provided to a large dairy company. The system included: roller conveyors, a roller turntable, a vertical conveyor (a goods lift.) Additionally, the following was installed in the system: a roller gate, smoke and fire curtains.

2014. Pallet transport system for cooling tunnel and hot tunnel

A pallet transport system for a dairy plant. Vertical conveyors and horizontal conveyors are used to transport pallets in a cooling tunnel and a hot tunnel.

2012. Pallet transport system with an automatic wrapper

A pallet transport system provided in 2012 to a dairy business. The system included a four-column vertical conveyor, roller conveyors and turntables, scissor lifts and an automatic wrapper. You can see most of the equipment we installed in the gallery of pictures.

2012. Pallet transport system

One of the most interesting pallet transport system projects in a dairy company. The system was provided in 2012 and used a number of devices ranging from roller conveyors to various types of transfers.

2012. Pallet transport system

PROMAG S.A provided this pallet transport system in 2012. The system included roller conveyors, roller turntables and vertical conveyors.

2012. Pallet transport system

We provided this pallet transport system in 2012. The system includes both roller and chain conveyors used as needed and according to the client’s requirement for the orientation of the pallets which are transferred. Roller and chain turntables were used for changes of direction.

2011. Transport system for refrigerators and casings

A system for transporting refrigerators and casings designed by PROMAG S.A. in 2011 is a complex combination of many devices such as roller and chain conveyors, a number of chain and roller transfers and turntables. Additionally, vertical conveyors were also used in the system.

2011. Pallet transport system with an automatic wrapper

Another pallet transport system provided by PROMAG S.A. An interesting pallet transport system based on roller conveyors.

2008. Pallet transport system

A pallet transport system using roller conveyors, vertical conveyors, roller turntables and scissor lifts to handle level differences.

2006. Transport system for refrigerators

A transport system provided to a producer of household appliances in 2006. The role of the system designed and delivered by PROMAG S.A. was to transport refrigerators. The system included, among others, roller turntables and apron conveyors.

2006. Refrigerator transport system with a vertical conveyor

A system for transporting finished products provided in 2006 to one of the Poland’s largest manufacturers of household appliances. The system delivered by PROMAG is responsible for transporting refrigerators and uses roller and belt conveyors, transfers, turntables, scissor lifts and a single-column vertical conveyor.

2006. Pallet transport system between halls

Another pallet transport system from PROMAG S.A. - this time on considerable distances. In this system, pallets needed to be transferred effectively between a production building and a warehouse. A number of devices were used for this purpose such as roller and chain conveyors, roller turntables and roller transfers. Because of the area, a significant part of the system was installed on a support structure.

2005. Pallet transport system with driven trolleys

In addition to roller conveyors and a turntable, the pallet transport system is equipped with a driven trolley for transporting pallets on longer distances.

2005. Cooker transport system

We provided this cooker transport system in 2005. The system includes a number of devices for transporting cookers, including roller conveyors, chain conveyors, turntables and roller transfers.