Apron conveyor

Apron conveyor

Apron conveyors are mainly used for continuous transfer of considerable quantities of products on transport lines where changes of direction or height are necessary.

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Examples of implementations:

2015. Robotic palletising system for small pallets and buckets

We are showing a robotic system delivered in 2015 for palletising small pallets and buckets which is connected with a pallet transport, wrapping and labelling system and related to the process of creating a warehousing system. This is one of PROMAG’s most interesting projects in the area of robotic palletising for the food industry.

2011. Transport system for cast iron sleeves

In 2011, we had an interesting project for an automotive parts manufacturer. We delivered a system for transporting cast iron sleeves. Because of the specific product to be transported, and the customer’s requirements, both roller and apron conveyors had to be used in the system.

2011. Conveyor for transporting bales of graphite

A 'special task-force' conveyor. This is what we can call our apron conveyor for transporting bales of graphite which was designed and built in 2011. High requirements for the conveyor’s load capacity and strength are brilliantly illustrated by the selected pictures.

2009. System for transporting packs with nappies

The nappy pack transport system was provided in 2009 to a producer of disposable nappies. Apron conveyors were used in the system. A part of the system is shown in the pictures attached.

2006. Transport system for refrigerators

A transport system provided to a producer of household appliances in 2006. The role of the system designed and delivered by PROMAG S.A. was to transport refrigerators. The system included, among others, roller turntables and apron conveyors.