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Welcome to the website showcasing PROMAG’s most advanced solutions in the area of internal transport systems.

This important sector of industry is also a part of our portfolio, the full version of which can be found at

In addition to being a leading supplier of solutions relating to automated internal transport systems, we also continuously implement new technologies and upgrade existing solutions, expanding our know-how with each new project.


January 2018
The factory in Nowa Sól equipped with state-of-the-art solutions

While increasing cooperation with one of our long-term suppliers, i.e. Nord - the manufacturer of drive systems - we have implemented a complex project of combined systems for transporting EUR and DHP pallets, as well as non-standard solutions. The assumptions included maximizing the use of Client's own components in the developed structure, involving the dispersion of inverter network situated directly in the assemblies adjacent to drive systems. It is the first such project on the Polish market completed on the basis of NORD's innovative solution.
December 2017
Bridge with conveyors over workstations and production machinery

This is PROMAG's another completed project involving a bridge. It employs advanced control of roller conveyors, turntable, and vertical conveyors to ensure safe handling of pallets up to 1500kg in a manner that does not interfere with the previously existing operations of the production and storage facilities. The applied integrated structure of the supporting frame involving dedicated transport devices enables effective use of space without the need for fundamental changes in the existing layout of machines, devices, and communication routes.
November 2017
Pallet handling in the chemical industry

To cater for the needs of a leading Polish chemical manufacturer, we have prepared and implemented a project involving an autonomous Europallet transport and storage system based on roller conveyors, turntables, including full integration with a high-density storage system based on AutoMAG Shuttles.
September 2017
Container and carton transport system with a total length of 1 km

We have developed a comprehensive returns handling solution for Ingram Micro CFS Fulfilment, the leading provider of e-commerce services in the European market. A multi-level system of roller and belt conveyors integrated with workstations ensures a two-way flow of parcels and containers, along with a dedicated system of waste disposal to an automatically controlled baling machine and press container. The system can automatically redirect waste between the devices in case of excessive load.
August 2017
Another completed project in the furniture sector

Commissioned by a global company, a leading furniture manufacturer in Europe, PROMAG produced a system of 3 lines comprised of a belt conveyor and process platforms. For more than 10 years now, we have been supplying such systems intended for production facilities, to streamline furniture assembly, quality control and handling before packaging.
July 2017
Vertical conveyor at Skiba Meat Factory

Commissioned by Skiba Meat Factory, we implemented a pallet transport system employing a vertical conveyor to increase storage space while making maximum use of the existing hall.
June 2017
A transport system with a pallet turntable at the height of H=80mm in a rack structure.

A comprehensive project for a dairy cooperative comprises an automatic line for transporting pallets from production to the warehouse and row racking. Both systems were integrated into one functional unit saving space and allowing for the use of the area above the transport system.
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