About us

PROMAG S.A. specializes in solving problems related to material logistics, storage and handling.

PROMAG S.A. offers know-how in automated technological transport and warehouse transport systems - both vertical and horizontal. We supply technical solutions in such areas as interoperational transport in production lines, inter-plant transport, warehouse transport, transport of assembly stations, as well as vertical transport systems. For the past 35 years we have been a reliable partner of our Clients seeking internal transport systems.



  1. We offer comprehensive services in the fields of technical consultancy, design and supply of in-house and process transport systems.
  2. 2. We specialise in technically advanced projects tailored to individual requirements. The understanding of our Clients' needs allows us to deliver added-value solutions enabling economic benefits, greater efficiency, process automation and improved occupational safety.
  3. 3. The success of our Company is based on such values as: respect, honesty, commitment and teamwork.


Timeliness – timely delivery of all commissioned projects.

Quality – compliance with relevant standards as well as technical and aesthetic requirements placed on each product.

Costs – supply of cost-effective solutions satisfying Clients' needs in terms of safety and technical performance, while meeting expected deadlines and equipment quality.

Environment and safety – user safety and environmental awareness.

Service – user-friendly service and maintenance of all supplied equipment.



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