Modular conveyor

Modular conveyor

Modular conveyors are mainly used to transport goods lacking a regular transport base, often bulky or heavy. They are ideal in the paper, printing or furniture industries. The design of a modular conveyor is similar that of belt conveyors, but the transporting surface is made of interconnected pieces of plastic.

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Modular conveyor
Examples of implementations:

2015. Transport system with modular conveyors and scissor lifts

A system for transporting stable cardboard stacks. The system has two lines and was installed in a paper company for the manufacturer of packaging and cardboard.

2015. Handling system for transferring, palletising, packaging and storing at a dairy plant

An automated system for transporting and palletising products using industrial robots, and a system for transporting full pallets, including a transfer through a cooling tunnel, final stretch wrapping and labelling on both sides of each pallet.

2015. A transport system for yoghurt trays and round cheese containers

A very extensive project from 2015. A system for transporting yoghurt trays and round cheese containers was built using many state-of-the-art solutions, and was largely based on modular conveyors.

2014. Pallet transport system with modular conveyors and a scissor platform

A special transport system for euro pallets and industrial pallets. The system was installed in a facility that manufactures paper for packaging and cardboard.

2014. A transport system of cardboard stacks

A special transport system installed in a facility manufacturing paper for packaging and cardboard. The system includes modular belt conveyors and scissor lifts.

2012. A transport system for trays with door handles to a paint shop

The system is intended for transport of aluminium trays with small items to a paint shop. It comprises belt conveyors and driven roller conveyors of various lengths, and conveyors with a modular belt.