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Modular strip transfer

Modular strip transfer

Modular design strip transfers are used in industrial transport systems, as well as for direction changing on lines of parcels, cartons, containers, etc.

The basic role of transfers used in transport systems is to move loads between parallel lines or sidings (picking stations). The transfer of loads is almost continuous (short stopping time only).

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Examples of implementations:

2016. Container transport system

Container transport system provided for an e-commerce company in 2016. Designed and implemented by PROMAG S.A. the system uses the following devices: driven roller conveyors, gravity roller conveyors and curve roller conveyors. In addition, the system uses belt conveyors, including inclined ones and roller transfers. See more

2015. Transport system for containers

This is another of our container handling projects. We completed it in 2015. This interesting system was delivered to a production company and is shown in selected pictures. We used various equipment such as roller and belt conveyors, transfers and dynamic scales. See more


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