In-line pallet magazine

In-line pallet magazine

Pallet magazines are one of the basic types of equipment used in pallet transport systems, especially in robotic palletising areas. The magazines are designed for storing and dispensing pallets according to the pace of the line.

Pallet magazines reduce the necessary involvement of personnel in line operation as well as making industrial processes shorter. The role of an operator is limited to loading a pallet stack into a magazine following which the system will dispense pallets to the line as needed for the cycle.

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In-line pallet magazine
Examples of implementations:

2017. Pallet transport system and robotic palletising of cartons

Pallet transport system with three palletising stations to the automatic wrapper for a Client from food industry.

2015. Handling system for transferring, palletising, packaging and storing at a dairy plant

An automated system for transporting and palletising products using industrial robots, and a system for transporting full pallets, including a transfer through a cooling tunnel, final stretch wrapping and labelling on both sides of each pallet.