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Vertical conveyors

Vertical conveyors

Vertical conveyors make a perfect complement to the pallet handling, modular, as well as process systems. Frequently confused with goods lifts or elevators, they constitute a part of the line ensuring communication between different working levels, and different storeys of buildings.

Due to their construction and purpose, the following systems can be distinguished, based on:

  • single-pillar vertical conveyors. Systems based on these devices are used for transporting lightweight items (parcels, cartons, containers). They operate at speeds up to 1m/s, carrying light items weighing up to 50kg, thus almost seamlessly connecting individual transport lines on several levels.
  • four-pillar vertical conveyors. Primarily designed for transporting pallets and heavy loads up to 3 tonnes. The robust structure based on four columns can carry up to two pallets at a time, ensuring communication between storeys reaching around a dozen meters up.
  • continuous conveyors - applied in technical transport of loads weighing up to 50 kg. They operate continuously, automatically receiving transported loads from and transferring them to connected line sections. This solution can be used wherever a quick level change is required, where limited space is available for installation, and when continuity of item collection must be ensured without stopping the line.
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