Modular roller conveyor

Modular roller conveyor

Modular roller conveyors are used to transport light items (up to 50kg) such as cartons, containers, boxes, wooden boards, metal sheets, etc., as well as sorting and separating goods in the so-called picking areas. The length, width and diameter of rollers in modular conveyors are chosen individually for the type of load and the physical features of the items to be transported.

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Modular roller conveyor
Examples of implementations:

2020. Carton transport system for e-commerce

For a world leader in goods transport and distribution we have realized a carton transport system.

2020. Carton transport and sorting system with a warehouse platform

An interesting project of storage platforms connected with transport systems for e-commerce industry. The investment consisted of an airport-type warehouse platform combined with a shelf rack system DIMAX on the platform, and an automatic conveyor transport system.

2019. Container transport system for a distributor of automotive parts

The photos of this project show a conveyor system made for another customer involved in the distribution of automotive parts. Unlike the previous implementation, the logic of the system operation consists in picking the goods into containers and their transport to the proper packing and shipping area.

2018. Transport system for boxes and containers in e-commerce

A well-known Polish bookstore has automated the collection and transport of containers to the packaging area.

2018. Aluminum wheels transport system

Another two-level automatic transport system. The devices serve to improve and organize the work at the inspection, repair and palletizing stations for aluminum wheels.

2017. Transport system for cartons

An automatic system for transporting and palletising cartons using an industrial robot delivered to a client from the food industry.

2017. Transport system for cardboxes, containeres and waste

For the leading provider of e-commerce services in the European market we have developed a comprehensive returns handling solution. A multi-level system of roller and belt conveyors integrated with workstations ensures a two-way flow of parcels and containers, along with a dedicated system of waste disposal to an automatically controlled baling machine and press container. The system can automatically redirect waste between the devices in case of excessive load.

2017. Carton transport system in the packaging industry

For a major packaging producer we provided a system for transporting empty cartons. The system was comprised of straight and inclined belt conveyors, roller conveyors, gravity chutes, ball tables and numerous types of pneumatic pushers.

2016. Wheel rims handling system

A special system of driven roller conveyors for transporting aluminium wheel rims. A line consisting of horizontal roller conveyors and driven curved roller conveyors, constructed in the form of a ring.

2016. Transport system for small pallets with relays

The system was provided to a Client manufacturing medium and high voltage instrumentation. A manual system for picking goods transported on special small pallets. It comprises manual roller conveyors, ball tables and hand trucks.

2016. Parcel transport system

Parcel transport system in a courier company. The automation of the package transport process has been achieved thanks to the use of several types of roller conveyors. Driven roller conveyors, curve roller conveyors and modular roller conveyors operate in the system. The implementation took place in 2016.

2016. Container transport system

Container transport system provided for an e-commerce company in 2016. Designed and implemented by PROMAG S.A. the system uses the following devices: driven roller conveyors, gravity roller conveyors and curve roller conveyors. In addition, the system uses belt conveyors, including inclined ones and roller transfers.

2016. Carton and container transport system

Container transport system based on roller conveyors. The system was provided in 2016 for a company from the e-commerce industry.

2016. Alloy wheel transport system

An alloy wheel transport system was provided in 2016. The system supports a production line of an alloy wheel maker and is made of a number of roller, belt and timing belt conveyors, including also roller and belt curve conveyors, working together within the system. You can watch a gallery of pictures from this project.

2015. Transport system for small pallets with relays

A system provided for a Client manufacturing medium and high voltage instrumentation. A manual system for picking goods transported on special small pallets. It comprises manual roller conveyors and hand trucks.

2015. Transport system for containers

This is another of our container handling projects. We completed it in 2015. This interesting system was delivered to a production company and is shown in selected pictures. We used various equipment such as roller and belt conveyors, transfers and dynamic scales.

2015. Parcel transport system

A parcel handling system delivered by PROMAG S.A. in 2015 to a courier company to support the transport of parcels to the right destination.

2015. Container transport system

We present you with another comprehensive project consisting of a container transport system and a storage platform. This investment was completed in 2015. As part of the project, driven roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors, inclined belt conveyors and transfers, as well as conveyors with lift gates were used.

2014. Window frame transport system

A comprehensive solution comprised of assembly stations for wooden and PVC windows as well as quality control stations on an assembly line. Two assembly stations equipped with manual roller conveyors, frame tilting system and manual turntables, pneumatic control.

2014. Transport system for containers

Another container transport system based on roller conveyors delivered by PROMAG S.A in 2014.

2014. Transport system for boxes and parcels

We provided this container transport system in 2014. The system is based mostly on roller conveyors which make it possible to transport cartons with products to be picked for customer orders.

2014. Access control system

Conveyors for transporting small items, such as wallets or mobile phones of the maximum weight of 5kg per running metre of the conveyor. The equipment is installed in a security check area and entrance to a building.

2013. Car seat transport system

A system designed for and provided to a manufacturer of automotive parts. The load transported by the system are car seats placed on special plywood pedestals.

2012. A transport system for trays with door handles to a paint shop

The system is intended for transport of aluminium trays with small items to a paint shop. It comprises belt conveyors and driven roller conveyors of various lengths, and conveyors with a modular belt.

2012. A transport system for concrete façade panels

A system engineered for and provided to a construction firm. The system was built using driven roller conveyors and a roller curve. Additionally, a pallet stacker was used in the system.

2011. Transport system for wooden boards

A system for transporting wooden boards provided to a furniture company. The system was made of a flight of roller conveyors and strip transfers.

2011. Transport system for small pallets with relays

A project for one of our regular clients, a manufacturer of medium and high voltage instrumentation. The transport systems for the small pallets included driven and manual roller conveyors, ball tables and manual drawbridges.

2011. Transport system for refrigerators and casings

A system for transporting refrigerators and casings designed by PROMAG S.A. in 2011 is a complex combination of many devices such as roller and chain conveyors, a number of chain and roller transfers and turntables. Additionally, vertical conveyors were also used in the system.

2011. Transport system for cast iron sleeves

In 2011, we had an interesting project for an automotive parts manufacturer. We delivered a system for transporting cast iron sleeves. Because of the specific product to be transported, and the customer’s requirements, both roller and apron conveyors had to be used in the system.

2010. Transport system for wooden frames

Another project of 2010. A system for transporting wooden frames built of belt conveyors transporting the frames on longer sections, roller conveyors and strip transfers.

2010. System for fiscal marking of chocolate bars

PROMAG S.A. provided a chocolate bar marking system in 2010. A very interesting system featuring high capacity and accuracy at the same time. The system’s main elements were roller and belt conveyors.

2007. Transport system for car parts

In 2007, PROMAG S.A. provided a system for transporting car parts. Its main components included roller conveyors and hand jacks used to transport the products.

2006. Refrigerator transport system with a vertical conveyor

A system for transporting finished products provided in 2006 to one of the Poland’s largest manufacturers of household appliances. The system delivered by PROMAG is responsible for transporting refrigerators and uses roller and belt conveyors, transfers, turntables, scissor lifts and a single-column vertical conveyor.

2005. Cooker transport system

We provided this cooker transport system in 2005. The system includes a number of devices for transporting cookers, including roller conveyors, chain conveyors, turntables and roller transfers.