Automated wrapper

Automated wrapper

Automated wrappers are designed for independent (unattended) packaging of goods on transport units. With automation and connection with the transport or robotic palletising system, packaging capacity may be very high reaching from 30 to 120 pallets per hour depending on machine type.

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Automated wrapper
Examples of implementations:

2017. Robotic palletising of cartons

An automatic system for transporting cartons and palletising them with the use of an industrial robot for the Client from food industry.

2017. Container palletising system

For a global automotive corporation we provided an automatic container transport, palletising and packaging system. We worked with the Client's engineers to deliver a system which meets the requirements of internal procedures as well going beyond the applicable laws and safety standards.

2015. Robotic palletising system for small pallets and buckets

We are showing a robotic system delivered in 2015 for palletising small pallets and buckets which is connected with a pallet transport, wrapping and labelling system and related to the process of creating a warehousing system. This is one of PROMAG’s most interesting projects in the area of robotic palletising for the food industry.

2015. Handling system for transferring, palletising, packaging and storing at a dairy plant

An automated system for transporting and palletising products using industrial robots, and a system for transporting full pallets, including a transfer through a cooling tunnel, final stretch wrapping and labelling on both sides of each pallet.

2014. Pallet transport system with a wrapper and an aligner

The system is to be used for transporting standard 800x1200mm euro pallets and 1000x1200mm industrial pallets. The system was installed in two halls. One is a loading area and the other one is for unloading. They are connected by a transport tunnel.

2014. Pallet transport system for cooling tunnel and hot tunnel

A pallet transport system for a dairy plant. Vertical conveyors and horizontal conveyors are used to transport pallets in a cooling tunnel and a hot tunnel.

2012. Pallet transport system with an automatic wrapper

A pallet transport system provided in 2012 to a dairy business. The system included a four-column vertical conveyor, roller conveyors and turntables, scissor lifts and an automatic wrapper. You can see most of the equipment we installed in the gallery of pictures.

2011. Pallet transport system with an automatic wrapper

Another pallet transport system provided by PROMAG S.A. An interesting pallet transport system based on roller conveyors.

2007. System for robotic palletising of PS foam

In this project we delivered a robotic palletising system for PS foam along with a pallet transport and wrapping solution. The equipment used included palletising robots.

2007. Pallet transport system with a robot

An extended pallet transport system using roller conveyors supported by an industrial robot, vertical conveyors, a pallet magazine and an automatic wrapper.