Selected reference projects
REALISATIONS: production of other consumer goods

2020. Carton transport and sorting system with a warehouse platform

An interesting project of storage platforms connected with transport systems for e-commerce industry. The investment consisted of an airport-type warehouse platform combined with a shelf rack system DIMAX on the platform, and an automatic conveyor transport system.

2019. Pallet transport system with flyover

Another pallet transport system with flyover, consisting of roller conveyors, chain conveyors, roller turners and vertical conveyors.

2014. Four-pillar vertical conveyor

A four-pillar vertical conveyor for transporting euro pallets and industrial pallets sized 1200x1200mm and 1200x1000mm. It was part of our system built for a tobacco company. The system comprised roller and chain conveyors, chain transfers and a scissor lift.

2014. Window frame transport system

A comprehensive solution comprised of assembly stations for wooden and PVC windows as well as quality control stations on an assembly line. Two assembly stations equipped with manual roller conveyors, frame tilting system and manual turntables, pneumatic control.

2014. Heater transport conveyors

Belt conveyors for a heaters packaging line. Constant speed machine with a one-way transport system and the maximum load of 100 kg per running metre.

2014. Manual pallet transport system

A highly functional and easy to operated manual euro pallet transport system. The system was built of modular manual roller conveyors. The system additionally uses hand trucks.

2012. Shop window transport system

A 60m line comprising belt conveyors of various lengths. Using short sections of conveyors will enable future expansion of the system by adding modules.

2014. Pallet transport system

We provided transport equipment for euro pallets and industrial pallets, sizes 1200x1000mm and 1200x1200mm, to a tobacco company. The system was comprised of roller conveyors, a vertical conveyor, chain conveyors and chain transfers. A scissor lift was also installed in addition to that equipment.