Modular belt conveyor

Modular belt conveyor

Modular belt conveyors are used for transporting items of diverse bases and shapes, e.g. cartons, containers, boxes, wooden boards, metal sheets, drawpieces, impressions, etc., as well as for sorting and separating goods in the so-called picking areas; they are excellent for goods of small size and weight. If appropriate side guides are used (“cleats”), loose material can be transported using modular belt conveyors.

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Modular belt conveyor
Examples of implementations:

2015. Wheel transport system

A system made of belt conveyors - a longer horizontal one and two shorter inclined belt conveyors. The equipment is installed on a bridge-like support structure.

2015. Container transport system

We present you with another comprehensive project consisting of a container transport system and a storage platform. This investment was completed in 2015. As part of the project, driven roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors, inclined belt conveyors and transfers, as well as conveyors with lift gates were used.

2007. System for robotic palletising of PS foam

In this project we delivered a robotic palletising system for PS foam along with a pallet transport and wrapping solution. The equipment used included palletising robots.