Selected reference projects
REALISATIONS: chemical industry

2020. Pallet transport system in the chemical industry

Pallet and pallet-container transport system implemented by PROMAG S.A. for a customer from the chemical industry, improved ergonomics and streamlined the process of filling units with chemicals.

2007. System for robotic palletising of PS foam

In this project we delivered a robotic palletising system for PS foam along with a pallet transport and wrapping solution. The equipment used included palletising robots.

2015. Four-pillar vertical conveyor

A 4-pillar vertical conveyor designed and delivered by our experts to a chemical company in 2015.

2017. Pallet transport system

For a leading Polish chemical manufacturer, we have prepared and implemented a project involving an autonomous Europallet transport and storage system based on roller conveyors, turntables, including full integration with a high-density storage system based on AutoMAG Shuttles.

2012. Four-pillar vertical conveyors

Our project carried out in a chemical facility in 2012. Vertical conveyors with roller conveyors on a support structure and scissor lifts form an extensive pallet transport system.

2015. Pallet transport system with a vertical conveyor

A system to transport 800x1200mm euro pallets and 1000x1200mm wooden industrial pallets for another client from the hygiene products industry.

2015. Pallet transport system with a stacker and trolleys

A pallet transport system comprised of roller and chain conveyors, turntables, pallet magazines, roller and chain transfers, installed for a manufacturer of hygiene products.

2007. Four-pillar vertical conveyor

A four-pillar vertical conveyor used as part of an extensive pallet transport system in which roller conveyors, a pallet magazine or automatic wrapper are supported by an industrial robot. The equipment is used for load transfer and palletising.

2005. Two-pillar vertical conveyors

Conveyors which are part of a pallet transport system installed at a large manufacturer of cosmetics and household cleaning products is another major project of PROMAG in 2005.

2005. Single-pillar vertical conveyor

Conveyors which form part of a salt handling system. As PROMAG’s machines were intended to work in an aggressive environment, high quality was required in terms of durability of materials and their chemical resistance.

2012. Pallet transport system

A pallet transport system for a chemical production facility. Collision-free transport is provided on long sections using roller conveyors on a support structure. In addition to the roller conveyors, pallets are transferred using scissor lifts and four-column vertical conveyors. The system was supplied in 2012.

2011. Pallet transport system with an automatic wrapper

Another pallet transport system provided by PROMAG S.A. An interesting pallet transport system based on roller conveyors.

2007. Pallet transport system with a robot

An extended pallet transport system using roller conveyors supported by an industrial robot, vertical conveyors, a pallet magazine and an automatic wrapper.

2005. Pallet transport system with a vertical conveyor

One of PROMAG’s earlier pallet transport projects. The system used roller conveyors and vertical conveyors.

2005. Transport system for salt packs

Another project of 2005. This time PROMAG S.A. designed, delivered, installed and commissioned a system for transporting salt multipacks. The equipment used in this project included belt conveyors and vertical conveyors. We have attached several photos documenting the project.