Gravity roller conveyor

Gravity roller conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors are used primarily to transport containers and goods up to 50 kg. They are ideal in automatic warehouse transport lines as additional equipment in collection, packaging and picking areas and wherever driven systems are not needed.

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Gravity roller conveyor
Examples of implementations:

2019. Container transport system for a distributor of automotive parts

The photos of this project show a conveyor system made for another customer involved in the distribution of automotive parts. Unlike the previous implementation, the logic of the system operation consists in picking the goods into containers and their transport to the proper packing and shipping area.

2018. Aluminum wheels transport system

Another two-level automatic transport system. The devices serve to improve and organize the work at the inspection, repair and palletizing stations for aluminum wheels.

2017. Carton transport system in the packaging industry

For a major packaging producer we provided a system for transporting empty cartons. The system was comprised of straight and inclined belt conveyors, roller conveyors, gravity chutes, ball tables and numerous types of pneumatic pushers.

2015. Transport system for containers

This is another of our container handling projects. We completed it in 2015. This interesting system was delivered to a production company and is shown in selected pictures. We used various equipment such as roller and belt conveyors, transfers and dynamic scales.

2015. Parcel transport system

A parcel handling system delivered by PROMAG S.A. in 2015 to a courier company to support the transport of parcels to the right destination.

2015. Container transport system

We present you with another comprehensive project consisting of a container transport system and a storage platform. This investment was completed in 2015. As part of the project, driven roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors, inclined belt conveyors and transfers, as well as conveyors with lift gates were used.

2013. Car seat transport system

A system designed for and provided to a manufacturer of automotive parts. The load transported by the system are car seats placed on special plywood pedestals.

2011. Transport system for small pallets with relays

A project for one of our regular clients, a manufacturer of medium and high voltage instrumentation. The transport systems for the small pallets included driven and manual roller conveyors, ball tables and manual drawbridges.

2005. Cooker transport system

We provided this cooker transport system in 2005. The system includes a number of devices for transporting cookers, including roller conveyors, chain conveyors, turntables and roller transfers.