Scissor lift

Scissor lift

A scissor lift is used for levelling transport lines or making work possible or more ergonomic at work stations, including loading and unloading points in particular. Depending on the load and the expected capacity, PROMAG S.A. delivers electric (with a pulley system) or hydraulic drive solutions.

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Scissor lift
Examples of implementations:

2017. Pallet transport system and robotic palletising of cartons

Pallet transport system with three palletising stations to the automatic wrapper for a Client from food industry.

2017. Pallet transport system

For one of our long-term suppliers- the manufacturer of drive systems - we have implemented a complex project of combined systems for transporting EUR and DHP pallets, as well as non-standard solutions. The assumptions included maximizing the use of Client's own components in the developed structure, involving the dispersion of inverter network situated directly in the assemblies adjacent to drive systems. It is the first such project on the Polish market completed on the basis of NORD's innovative solution.

2017. Container palletising system

For a global automotive corporation we provided an automatic container transport, palletising and packaging system. We worked with the Client's engineers to deliver a system which meets the requirements of internal procedures as well going beyond the applicable laws and safety standards.

2015. Transport system with modular conveyors and scissor lifts

A system for transporting stable cardboard stacks. The system has two lines and was installed in a paper company for the manufacturer of packaging and cardboard.

2015. Pallet and mattress transport system with a wrapper and a strapping machine

A comprehensive handling system for transporting mattresses alone as well as for mattresses placed on pallets. Transport in the production hall and the warehouse.

2014. Pallet transport system with modular conveyors and a scissor platform

A special transport system for euro pallets and industrial pallets. The system was installed in a facility that manufactures paper for packaging and cardboard.

2014. Pallet transport system for cooling tunnel and hot tunnel

A pallet transport system for a dairy plant. Vertical conveyors and horizontal conveyors are used to transport pallets in a cooling tunnel and a hot tunnel.

2014. Pallet transport system

We provided transport equipment for euro pallets and industrial pallets, sizes 1200x1000mm and 1200x1200mm, to a tobacco company. The system was comprised of roller conveyors, a vertical conveyor, chain conveyors and chain transfers. A scissor lift was also installed in addition to that equipment.

2014. Pallet transport system

The pallet transport system was supplied in 2014 and included such equipment as roller conveyors, a scissor lift to handle level differences, a roller turntable with a chain transfer. Additionally, the system uses a pallet stacker.

2014. A transport system of cardboard stacks

A special transport system installed in a facility manufacturing paper for packaging and cardboard. The system includes modular belt conveyors and scissor lifts.

2012. Shop window transport system

A 60m line comprising belt conveyors of various lengths. Using short sections of conveyors will enable future expansion of the system by adding modules.

2012. Pallet transport system with an automatic wrapper

A pallet transport system provided in 2012 to a dairy business. The system included a four-column vertical conveyor, roller conveyors and turntables, scissor lifts and an automatic wrapper. You can see most of the equipment we installed in the gallery of pictures.

2012. Pallet transport system

A pallet transport system for a chemical production facility. Collision-free transport is provided on long sections using roller conveyors on a support structure. In addition to the roller conveyors, pallets are transferred using scissor lifts and four-column vertical conveyors. The system was supplied in 2012.

2009. Pallet transport system with a robot

Another project of PROMAG S.A. An extended pallet transport system using several types of conveyors, palletising robots and scissor lifts.

2009. Pallet transport system

A pallet transport system made of roller conveyors, vertical conveyors and a scissor lift which allows for feeding pallets into the system using pallet trucks (also referred to as 'pallet pumps' or 'pallet jacks'.)

2008. Pallet transport system

A pallet transport system using roller conveyors, vertical conveyors, roller turntables and scissor lifts to handle level differences.

2006. Refrigerator transport system with a vertical conveyor

A system for transporting finished products provided in 2006 to one of the Poland’s largest manufacturers of household appliances. The system delivered by PROMAG is responsible for transporting refrigerators and uses roller and belt conveyors, transfers, turntables, scissor lifts and a single-column vertical conveyor.