Pallet stacker

Pallet stacker

A pallet stacker is designed for stacking two or more pallets where each new pallet is left automatically on the load of the previous pallet. Operating in transport lines, these machines follow a specific program adjusted to the declared load height.

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Examples of implementations:

2015. Pallet transport system with a stacker and trolleys

A pallet transport system comprised of roller and chain conveyors, turntables, pallet magazines, roller and chain transfers, installed for a manufacturer of hygiene products.

2014. Pallet transport system

The pallet transport system was supplied in 2014 and included such equipment as roller conveyors, a scissor lift to handle level differences, a roller turntable with a chain transfer. Additionally, the system uses a pallet stacker.

2012. A transport system for concrete façade panels

A system engineered for and provided to a construction firm. The system was built using driven roller conveyors and a roller curve. Additionally, a pallet stacker was used in the system.

2008. Pallet transport system with a stacker

We are showing another of our pallet transfer systems. This time it is made of roller conveyors supported by a pallet stacker.