Pallet transport systems

 Pallet transport systems

Pallet transport systems are complex systems of technological and transport equipment combined into a coherent whole whose logic and operation are determined by a PLC controller. Systems delivered by PROMAG S.A. are responsible for both logistic processes and for combined processes of change/delivery of loading units, product palletising, packaging, marking, as well as storage or preparation for shipment.

Depending on the needs, our systems are constructed for handling the following pallets (among others):

  • EUR 800x1200 compliant with PN-EN 13698-1 : 2005 standard
  • industrial 1000x1200 compliant with PN-EN-13698-2 : 2009 standard
  • CHEP 1200x1200
  • DHP 600x800
  • disposable and non-standard solutions

Basic pallet handling devices are:

  • Roller pallet conveyors,
  • Chain pallet conveyors,
  • Transfers and turntables,
  • Vertical conveyors and lifts,
  • Transport carts and trucks,
  • Pallet magazines (or stackers / destackers)
  • Positioning equipment: aligners, stoppers, and pushers responsible for establishing the correct position in systems, e.g. before robotic equipment, wrappers, labelling machines
  • Process equipment: stackers, depalletisers
  • Functional equipment such as robots, wrappers, banding machines, or labelling machines

The lines supplied by PROMAG S. A. are designed to meet the key requirement of minimizing occupied space and maximizing benefits.

In addition to the underlying logistic functionality, the conveyors can serve as an excellent storage solution. For this purpose, the systems use a buffering feature that allows a single conveyor to buffer and transport up to 4 pallets at a time.

Many of our designs have been implemented as transporters connecting separate buildings. Our lines can be used for transporting goods both in linking structures (tunnels), through platforms, as well as via overhead conveyors situated above outdoor communication routes.

Pallet transport systems are applied to support technology and production processes. Perfect examples can include ripening/maturing rooms, as well as shock chambers and tunnels. Our systems can be effectively operated at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +150°C; they are used in dairy, meat, fruit and vegetable processing industries.

The pallet transport systems are designed in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 12100:2012 "Safety of machinery" standard, and in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, as well as the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU. Each system and each device supplied by PROMAG S.A. is subject to a dedicated threat analysis, based on which - in consultation with the end User - a mechanical and automatic safety system is designed and delivered.

Our systems are based exclusively on verified and highly reputed components, mainly from German and Polish suppliers. In effect, we can guarantee their reliability, and in the event of a failure we can easily replace such components thanks to high availability on the European market. Bearing in mind the individual needs of our Clients, we can supply systems based on components and parts from specific manufacturers, according to submitted specifications.

Extensive experience in implementing complex projects

Active on the Polish market since 1982, PROMAG S.A. has completed numerous complex projects, including many sophisticated pallet transport systems. Below you can find photos of selected completed projects. Do not hesitate to contact us - we will be very happy to answer your questions concerning the devices from our portfolio, as well as systems comprising these devices.

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