Pneumatic pusher

Pneumatic pusher

A pneumatic pusher is an additional device in various transport and robotic palletising systems. It is used primarily for accurate positioning of load units or direction changes.

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Pneumatic pusher
Examples of implementations:

2020. Carton transport and sorting system with a warehouse platform

An interesting project of storage platforms connected with transport systems for e-commerce industry. The investment consisted of an airport-type warehouse platform combined with a shelf rack system DIMAX on the platform, and an automatic conveyor transport system.

2017. Carton transport system in the packaging industry

For a major packaging producer we provided a system for transporting empty cartons. The system was comprised of straight and inclined belt conveyors, roller conveyors, gravity chutes, ball tables and numerous types of pneumatic pushers.

2015. Handling system for transferring, palletising, packaging and storing at a dairy plant

An automated system for transporting and palletising products using industrial robots, and a system for transporting full pallets, including a transfer through a cooling tunnel, final stretch wrapping and labelling on both sides of each pallet.