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REALISATIONS: storage of small goods

2015. Container transport system

We present you with another comprehensive project consisting of a container transport system and a storage platform. This investment was completed in 2015. As part of the project, driven roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors, inclined belt conveyors and transfers, as well as conveyors with lift gates were used. See more

2014. Transport system for containers

Another container transport system based on roller conveyors delivered by PROMAG S.A in 2014. See more

2009. Parcel transport system

PROMAG’s system for handling parcels. It was a staged implementation which started in 2009. The system was based on roller conveyors, both driven and manual, and belt conveyors. See more

2001. Single-pillar vertical conveyor

A single-column vertical conveyor delivered in 2001 to an electronics company. Additionally, a buffer (an arrangement of roller conveyors) was also constructed and installed as part of this project. See more

2005. Pallet transport system with driven trolleys

In addition to roller conveyors and a turntable, the pallet transport system is equipped with a driven trolley for transporting pallets on longer distances. See more


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