Lift gate conveyor

Lift gate conveyor

A lift gate conveyor - a special machine used in automatic transport systems and technological process systems whenever transition to the other side of the transport line is necessary.

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Lift gate conveyor
Examples of implementations:

2019. Container transport system for a distributor of automotive parts

The photos of this project show a conveyor system made for another customer involved in the distribution of automotive parts. Unlike the previous implementation, the logic of the system operation consists in picking the goods into containers and their transport to the proper packing and shipping area.

2018. Transport system for boxes and containers in e-commerce

A well-known Polish bookstore has automated the collection and transport of containers to the packaging area.

2018. Aluminum wheels transport system

Another two-level automatic transport system. The devices serve to improve and organize the work at the inspection, repair and palletizing stations for aluminum wheels.

2017. Transport system for cartons

An automatic system for transporting and palletising cartons using an industrial robot delivered to a client from the food industry.

2011. Transport system for small pallets with relays

A project for one of our regular clients, a manufacturer of medium and high voltage instrumentation. The transport systems for the small pallets included driven and manual roller conveyors, ball tables and manual drawbridges.