Bridge with conveyors

Bridge with conveyors

A dedicated bridge - supplied by PROMAG S.A. together with other solutions needed for projects. Along with automated transport solutions, PROMAG S.A. also designs, fabricates and erects - as part of its project - a bridge (support structure) in customer’s warehouse taking account of the actual conditions in the building.

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Bridge with conveyors
Examples of implementations:

2017. Pallet transport system

This is PROMAG's another completed project involving a bridge. It employs advanced control of roller conveyors, turntable, and vertical conveyors to ensure safe handling of pallets up to 1500kg in a manner that does not interfere with the previously existing operations of the production and storage facilities. The applied integrated structure of the supporting frame involving dedicated transport devices enables effective use of space without the need for fundamental changes in the existing layout of machines, devices, and communication routes.

2016. Pallet transport system with vertical conveyors

Another comprehensive project provided by PROMAG comprised a transport system for standard 800x1200mm euro pallets and 900x1200mm pallets of a standard euro pallet design. The line included roller and chain conveyors, chain transfers, two vertical conveyors and turntables. Additionally, we also supplied our AutoMAG dense storage system.

2015. Transport system for containers

This is another of our container handling projects. We completed it in 2015. This interesting system was delivered to a production company and is shown in selected pictures. We used various equipment such as roller and belt conveyors, transfers and dynamic scales.

2015. Pallet transport system with a vertical conveyor

A system to transport 800x1200mm euro pallets and 1000x1200mm wooden industrial pallets for another client from the hygiene products industry.

2015. Pallet and mattress transport system with a wrapper and a strapping machine

A comprehensive handling system for transporting mattresses alone as well as for mattresses placed on pallets. Transport in the production hall and the warehouse.

2012. Pallet transport system

A pallet transport system for a chemical production facility. Collision-free transport is provided on long sections using roller conveyors on a support structure. In addition to the roller conveyors, pallets are transferred using scissor lifts and four-column vertical conveyors. The system was supplied in 2012.

2006. Pallet transport system between halls

Another pallet transport system from PROMAG S.A. - this time on considerable distances. In this system, pallets needed to be transferred effectively between a production building and a warehouse. A number of devices were used for this purpose such as roller and chain conveyors, roller turntables and roller transfers. Because of the area, a significant part of the system was installed on a support structure.