Driven trolley

Driven trolley

Driven trolleys are hybrid solutions combining an industrial trolley with a roller or chain conveyor. They are used for fast high-frequency transport of loads between stations ensuring independent two-way operation. It is generally the speed and active reverse mode which give them an advantage over standard systems based on conveyors and transfers.

They are particularly well-suited for loading and unloading lines to and from robotic palletising systems. They deliver empty pallets to stations and collect goods ready for shipment.

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Driven trolley
Examples of implementations:

2019. Expansion of the pallet transport system

Due to the increasing production volume, the client accelerated the planned expansion of the pallet transport system with additional sidings collecting pallets from production.

2017. Pallet transport system and robotic palletising of cartons

Pallet transport system with three palletising stations to the automatic wrapper for a Client from food industry.

2017. Pallet transport system

For one of our long-term suppliers- the manufacturer of drive systems - we have implemented a complex project of combined systems for transporting EUR and DHP pallets, as well as non-standard solutions. The assumptions included maximizing the use of Client's own components in the developed structure, involving the dispersion of inverter network situated directly in the assemblies adjacent to drive systems. It is the first such project on the Polish market completed on the basis of NORD's innovative solution.

2015. Pallet transport system with a stacker and trolleys

A pallet transport system comprised of roller and chain conveyors, turntables, pallet magazines, roller and chain transfers, installed for a manufacturer of hygiene products.

2014. Window frame transport system

A comprehensive solution comprised of assembly stations for wooden and PVC windows as well as quality control stations on an assembly line. Two assembly stations equipped with manual roller conveyors, frame tilting system and manual turntables, pneumatic control.

2005. Pallet transport system with driven trolleys

In addition to roller conveyors and a turntable, the pallet transport system is equipped with a driven trolley for transporting pallets on longer distances.