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REALISATIONS: pharmaceutical industry

2020. Transport system for pallets in the pharmaceutical industry

For our regular client, a Polish leader in pharmaceutical industry, we created a transportation system for plastic pallets and interlocking containers with a base typical for EUR pallets. Installation is located in new production and warehouse facility near Warsaw and is a part of complex logistics equipment supplied by PROMAG S.A. See more

2020. Four-pillar vertical conveyor for the pharmaceutical industry

A vertical conveyor manufactured for our regular customer, a Polish leader in the pharmaceutical industry. The transporter is part of the transport system for plastic pallets and interlocking containers with a base typical for EUR pallets. See more

2009. Four-pillar vertical conveyor

A vertical conveyor which was part of a project for a large pharmaceutical company. The pallet transport system which was installed used, besides the vertical conveyor, also roller conveyors and a scissor lift. See more

2015. Pallet buffering system

A pallet buffering (storing) system made of roller rails (tracks) allowing for effective and economic use of warehouse space. Roller tracks enable longitudinal transport of pallets using gravitation. See more

2003. Four-pillar vertical conveyors

Conveyors installed for a pharmaceutical company as part of a larger pallet transport system. See more

2009. Pallet transport system

A pallet transport system made of roller conveyors, vertical conveyors and a scissor lift which allows for feeding pallets into the system using pallet trucks (also referred to as 'pallet pumps' or 'pallet jacks'.) See more

2009. Depalletiser

A stationary machine- in this case a depalletiser (pallet replacement machine)- is a very interesting project delivered in 2009. See more

2003. Pallet transport system

A pallet transport system equipped, among other things, with flights of roller conveyors, strip transfers, a pallet magazine and a depalletiser. Additionally, vertical conveyors were used in the system. See more


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