REALISATIONS: packing industry

2017. Carton transport system in the packaging industry

For a major packaging producer we provided a system for transporting empty cartons. The system was comprised of straight and inclined belt conveyors, roller conveyors, gravity chutes, ball tables and numerous types of pneumatic pushers.

2014. A transport system of cardboard stacks

A special transport system installed in a facility manufacturing paper for packaging and cardboard. The system includes modular belt conveyors and scissor lifts.

2015. Transport system with modular conveyors and scissor lifts

A system for transporting stable cardboard stacks. The system has two lines and was installed in a paper company for the manufacturer of packaging and cardboard.

2014. Manual pallet transport system

Equipment produced for a manufacturer of corrugated board packages. A transport system comprised of segmented manual roller conveyors.

2014. Pallet transport system with modular conveyors and a scissor platform

A special transport system for euro pallets and industrial pallets. The system was installed in a facility that manufactures paper for packaging and cardboard.

2012. Pallet transport system

Another pallet transport system equipped with roller conveyors. The system was supplied in 2012.

2012. Pallet transport system

PROMAG S.A provided this pallet transport system in 2011. The system included mainly roller conveyors for transporting non-standard-sized pallets.

2006. A pallet transport system based on chain conveyors

A pallet transport system in which chain conveyors were implemented and chain turntables were used to change the direction of pallets transported by the system.

2007. Transport system for bales of air bubble wrap

In 2007, we also built a system for transporting bales of air bubble wrap based on belt conveyors.