2017. Robotic palletising of cartons

2017. Robotic palletising of cartons

An automatic system for transporting cartons and palletising them with the use of an industrial robot for the Client from food industry.


Among other things, the system included:

  • straight and inclined belt conveyors;
  • straight and curve roller conveyors;
  • gate conveyors which can be lifted to enable employees or trucks to go through the gates with pallets on which unfolded cartons for manufacturing machines are placed;
  • a stacker - a machine preparing a carton stack before collection by a robot;
  • a spacer magazine;
  • an industrial robot;
  • pallet magazines;
  • pallet trucks;
  • pallet roller conveyors;
  • pallet aligners;
  • side and frontal pneumatic interlocks;
  • an automatic wrapper.


In addition to the robotic palletising of cartons, a system for transporting pallets from three palletising stations to the automatic wrapper was installed.


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