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Automated transport and storage system

Automated transport and storage system Transport system in this realization is an introduction to the extended automatic pallet storage system, which PROMAG S.A. implemented for a dairy customer.

An innovative system AutoMAG Mover was used here, which fully excludes the participation of man in the process of loading and unloading the rack.

The technological equipment complements the system with, among others, AutoMAG Lift vertical conveyor, which enables moving pallets to the appropriate storage level.

 Meanwhile, the AutoMAG Mover platform together with the AutomMAG Shuttle satellite system take care of bringing the unit to its final destination in the rack.

 Customer benefits:

  • high coefficient of warehouse cubic capacity utilization,
  • automation of warehouse operations,
  • cost reduction (mainly in terms of employees),
  • acceleration of processes,
  • elimination of human errors,
  • improvement of work safety.
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